Invited speaker 2014
3/12/14 Medical Grand Round, Brighton – Interface Between Neurology and Rheumatology
6-7/11/14 Parkinson’s Expert Meeting, Swindon – Innovations to Improve Patient Care in Clinical Practice
8/10/14 Charmdean Centre, Worthing – GP Update, Parkinson’s disease and Headache Disorders
10/7/14 London, UK – Brainwaves Neurology Update Meeting
9/7/14 Sheffield, UK – Brainwaves Neurology Update Meeting
8/7/14 Liverpool, UK – Brainwaves Neurology Update Meeting
26/6/14 Cisswood House, Horsham, Sussex Sussex Parkinson’s meeting
21/6/14 Hove, East Sussex, Brighton and Hove Parkinson’s Patient group meeting
9/5/14 Teva and Cure Parkinson’s Trust Advisory Board, London, Parkinson’s Consultation Aid
4/4/14 South East England Neuro Association Meeting, Brighton, Movement disorders video cases
31/3/14 Esai, London, Epilepsy case studies advisory board
3/3/14 Medtronic HQ, Minneapolis, USA – Deep Brain Stimulation VIP visit
1/3/14 Positive Steps Meeting, Birmingham, UK – Movement disorders video cases
27/2/14 UCB Advisory Board, London, Parkinson’s Audit Tool
12/2/14 Park View Health Centre, Burgess Hill, Sussex – GP neurology update
31/1/14 Medical Grand Round, Princess Royal Hospital, Sussex – Is Parkinson’s disease a Neuropsychiatric disorder?
22/1/14 Neuroradiology Regional Training Day, Haywards Heath – Neurology Movement Disorders Update
Invited speaker 2013
29/11/13 British Association of Occupational Health Physicians meeting, Brighton, keynote speaker – Peripheral Neuropathy In The Workplace
04/10/13 Neurology in Focus, London – ‘What Role For A General Neurologist In Prescribing New Therapies In Epilepsy’
30/10/13 Exploring the Many Dimensions Of Parkinson’s Disease, Cobham, Surrey   ‘What Matters To Patients/Carers/Commissioners’
14/03/13 Neuroscience National Network Meeting, Birmingham – ‘Delivering Neuromodulation Therapies Closer To Home, New Models Of Care’
07/03/13 Sussex Epilepsy Network Meeting, Okenden Manor, Sussex – ‘Epilepsy Case Studies – Why You Should Not Give Up’
22/02/13 Mid-Sussex Parkinson’s Disease Patient Support Group, Guest Speaker AGM, Wivelsfield – ‘What Are The Big Questions In PD?’
05/02/13 Royal College of Physicians, London – Teach In ‘Acute Headache More Than Excluding Subarachnoid Bleed’
Invited speaker 2012
23-24/11/12 Parkinson’s Disease Expert Meeting UCB, Guest Speaker, London
An Unusual Reversible Cause of Young Onset Parkinsonism
Progressive Speech Apraxia In An Elderly Woman
When To Start Parkinson’s Disease Drug Therapy – Debate
11/10/12 GP Update Day, Worthing – What Is New In MS And Parkinson’s?
19/09/12 JCA Seminars, Update on Movement Disorders, Brighton
12/09/12 KSS Deanery Neurology Update Day, Brighton – ‘Movers And Shakers’
06/09/12 UCB Parkinson’s Disease Audit Tool, Measuring Quality, Cobham, Surrey
15/06/12 Esai Epilepsy Invited speaker –   ‘Choosing The Right Monotherapy
30/05/12 Association of British Neurologists meeting Brighton, platform presentation – A Virtual Neurology Clinic, Case Control Study
10/05/12 Surrey Parkinson’s Disease MeetingCase Studies Of Autonomic Dysfunction In PD
19/04/12 Current Opinions in Parkinson’s Disease, Horsham – ‘ Nurse Specialists – More Cost Effective Than Consultants?’
18/04/12 Facial Palsy UK, National Patient Charity Advisory Board, London
09/03/12 Positive Steps in Parkinson’s Disease, Birmingham – ‘Beyond Initial Management ‘ Recognising Motor and Non-Motor ‘Wearing Off’
06/03/12 South East Parkinson’s Disease Network MeetingPD Med What Do We Know So Far And What We Don’t – Maidstone, Kent
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