Projects & Publications

My Audit, Research Projects & Publications (Last 3 Years)

Parkinson’s Disease Kinetograph (PKG), Global Kinetics Corporation: To measure real time motor fluctuations in a home setting, using wearable watch technology – ongoing.

Joint Project With UCB Pharma And Parkinson’s Disease Patient Charities/Local Patient Support Groups: I have designed a paper and now an online clinic tool to measure the quality of care in Parkinson’s disease as well as a consultation aid to help identify non motor symptoms influencing quality of life in real-life/clinic settings. These aids are currently being evaluated in Sussex before planned National roll out.

Projects with Brighton and Sussex Medical School: Analysing reasons for admission and delayed discharge for patients with Parkinson’s disease 2013-14 and evaluating quality of information provided to patients with epilepsy in pregnancy.

Joint project with Kings College Hospital Neuromodulation And Movement Disorders Group: To develop a new model of remote care for patients with Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery, ongoing since December 2012.

Case Control Study Of Virtual Neurology Clinics In Brighton:   Presented as a selected platform presentation and in abstract form Association British Neurologist meeting 2012. Demonstrated efficiency, cost effectiveness and safety and now commissioned for adoption throughout Brighton and Hove.

Participation and Contribution to National Audit Projects in Parkinson’s Disease and Muscular and Peripheral Nerve Disorders:   Both published 2012.

Audit of Value of Copying Letters to Patients: Presented in abstract form at Association of British Neurologist meeting Brighton 2012.

Invited Publications/Reviews

  • Management of Facial Palsy. When To Refer – with Mr Charles N’duka – published in PULSE (GP/Primary Care Magazine) in 2013.
  • Who Needs Eslicarbazepine? – Progress in Neurology and Psychiatry, Supplement. Published January 2013.
  • Late Onset Dopa-Responsive Dystonia With Tremor, Gait Freezing And Behavioural Disturbance And A Normal Dopamine Transporter Scan, Age and Ageing 2008 37(6):719-720 Adam Harper, Mark Bayliss, Romi Saha, Amanda Scutt and Angus Nisbet
  • Post-traumatic Short-Lasting Unilateral Headache with Cranial Autonomic Symptoms (SUNA). Cephalalgia. 2008 September 28(9): 991-3, Jacob S., Saha A., Rajabally Y.
  • Migraine Management, Prescriber, July 2008: Volume 19, Issue 12; 35-37. Dr Romi Saha
  • Differential Activation and Survival of Rat Basal Forebrain Neurons following Infusions of Excitatory Amino Acids. Experimental Brain Research (1993) 93: 412-422. K.J. Page, A. Saha, B.J. Everitt.
  • Neck Pain with Fever. J.R. Soc. Med. (1999) 92: 304-306. A.R. Saha, A.M Blackburn.
  • Induction of Neuronal Death by A-Synuclein. European Journal of Neuroscience (2000) 12: 3073-3077. Saha A.R., Ninkina N.N., Hanger D.P., Anderton B.H., Davies A.M., Buchman V.L.
  • Chicken Synucleins: Cloning and Expression in the Developing Embryo. Mechanisms of Development (2001) 99: 195-198. Tiunova A.A., Anokhin K.V., Saha A.R., Schmidt O., Hanger D.P., Anderton B.H., Davies A.M. Ninkina N.N., Buchman V.L.
  • Pathogenesis and Treatment of Motor Neuron Disorders. A.R. Saha and P.N. Leigh (Textbook Chapter), Advances in Clinical Neurosciences. Ed: K. Sinha.
  • Parkinson’s Disease {Alpha}-Synuclein Mutations Exhibit Defective Axonal Transport in Cultured Neurons Journal of Cell Science 117, 1017-1024 (2004) Saha, J. Hill, M.A. Utton, A.A. Asuni, S. Ackerley, A.J. Grierson, C.C. Miller, A.M. Davies, V.L. Buchman, B.H. Anderton and D.P. Hanger.

Personal Note:-

I have always had an academic interest in Neurology. In my final year at Cambridge University I studied Molecular Neuroscience and Developmental Biology and was awarded a 1st Class Degree. As a Neurology Trainee, I was awarded a prestigious Wellcome Trust Training Fellowship to study the mechanisms of nerve cell death in Parkinson’s disease. This led to a PhD degree and I was also awarded a Royal Society of Medicine prize as being one of the best young medical researchers of my year.

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