Other Movement Disorders

Other Movement Disorders

Movement disorders include conditions that cause tremors, limb jerking or twitching as well as disorders that cause problems with gait or balance. I have a specialist interest in movement disorders and have been trained at some of the major academic teaching hospitals in London, gaining not only my neurology qualifications but also a PhD for research in this field.

Both Parkinson’s disease and dystonia are movement disorders and these have been listed elsewhere in my website. The other conditions I routinely see include essential tremor, Huntington’s disease and other forms of chorea, as well as conditions causing ataxia and tic disorders. You will be able to find out more about these conditions from my links page. There is also a very good overview of movement disorders that can be found on the Wemove webpage.

I would add that I can only see patients over the age of 16 and thus conditions such as Tourette’s syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Childhood Onset Developmental Disorders would be usually diagnosed by Paediatric or Child and Adolescent Psychiatry colleagues. In the past I have also referred selected patients to the Academic Neuro-Behavioural Clinic led by Professor Hugo Critchley in Brighton and also to the Specialist Tourette’s Disorder Clinic led by Professor Mary Robertson based at St George’s Hospital in London.

For more information about movement disorders including Tourette’s, Ataxia, Huntington’s Chorea see my Quick Links webpage

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